We Respond, So Others May Live.

When every second counts, and help is needed, our highly-skilled paramedics, and emergency medical technicians, (EMTs), quickly respond to provide the latest lifesaving techniques and treatment.

Since 1966, Susquehanna Valley Emergency Medical Services has provided compassionate care to more than 500,000 patients. Our medics receive continuous, intensive, physician supervised education. They provide innovative care and use the latest technology including:

  • Satellite GPS Ambulance Dispatch & Tracking
  • Philips Cardiac Monitors with the ability to send EKG's to area hospitals via 4G network
  • Radio & Cellular Communications
  • Network Operations Center
  • EZ-IO Drug & Fluid Administration Equipment
  • Mobile Data Computers on every Ambulance with WiFi Hotspot on 4G network
  • Experienced & Regularly Tested Mass-Casualty-Disaster Response
  • Eight Strategically Stationed & Deployed EMS Units in Lancaster & York Counties
  • Ambulance & Medical Coverage for Community Gatherings

Susquehanna Valley EMS provides prehospital medical treatment which is vital to saving lives. Every day.